The gay boyfriend stealer
Date: Friday, 09 September 2005 (18:24:08) UTC
Topic: Gay Boys


I need some help, and fast! I really like someone elses boyfriend. They are a gay couple. The one that I like is my age (21) and his boyfriend is about 30. Alex (The one I wanna steal) is cute as, and we used to flirt all of the time. He told me I am hot a few times in front of his Boyfriend and now he isn't allowed to see me or contact me.

Jake (The boyfriend) even goes to the extreme of keeping Alex at home when he knows I will be out at the local club. I hate it! We have each others phone numbers and until this block came up we were sending text messages at least ten times each per day.

I have liked him for about six months now. It ain't obsession either because I still hook up with plenty of other guys. I just see something different in him. I have never felt this way for a taken guy before, so don't really know what to do. The way I see it, if he cheats with me, he will do it to me and if he leaves Jake for me, then he will most likely leave me for someone else, so I need something creative to help their inevitable break-up get a kick start...

As long as it can't be traced back to me, then it is all good.


Twisted Evil Dillon Twisted Evil

Geez louise, can a gay boy really be faithfull? Don't worry about cheating and go for it.

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