Date: Friday, 09 September 2005 (18:22:32) UTC
Topic: Stealing Central

Well i supposee what i did was mean, but i am glad i did it.

This girl was a ***** to me like constantly putting me down all through my first years of high school. When i became a senior i seemed to "transform" from an ugly duckling into a swan. And i swore revenge on that *****...
At a party i met this guy who was gorgous like drop dead gorgous. We got along really well, and swapped numbers etc. I later found out he had a girlfreind..which i didnt mind because we could still be friends. But then FATE... the girlfriend turned out to be that ***** from high school!!! So my chance came... while watching movies at my house quiet night in for that gorgous boy and i... i had my chance and i kissed him. Turns out he had liked me for a while to but didn't think i was interested. So we are now together and have been for the last 10 months.

I can still remeber the look on that girls face when i saw her the next day... and i had to bite my tongue...cos all i was thinking was BOOM I GOT YOUR BOYFRIEND!

Only one thing to say: You go girl!!

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