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Date: Sunday, 04 September 2005 (15:17:00) UTC
Topic: Stealing Central

I went out with this kid and then he cheated on me so we cooled it for a while. We decided later that we would try going out again but then when me and my friend went to the pool and he met her he thought she was the hottest person in like the entire world. She fooled everyone and said that she hated him but that pissed him off but when they found out that they liked eachother they wanted to go out the only problem was my friend wouldn't talk to the guy so everyone was obsessing over her and trying to get her to talk to was the most annoying thing in the entire world. He asked her out after knowing her for like 2 days. She said yes and then she still wouldn't talk to him. She is still trying to get all the attention. She goes to the pool as much as she can and drags me along so then i have to sit there doing nothing why they talk and kiss and try to make out even though they suck. Like i said she fakes like she is pissed just so everyone will focus on her and she fakes like she gets hurt so everyone will focus on her. When i got pissed at my ex-boyfriend for all that he was doing he didn't understand why and would always ask are you pissed. (NO...i mean are you really that stupid isn't it obvious, yeah i'm you Mad ) It makes me sick. Embarassed

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