My sad times...i need help!
Date: Sunday, 04 September 2005 (15:15:02) UTC
Topic: Schoolboys

i like this guy and i flirted with him a lot today me and my friend, stephanie messed around with him and he messed around with us. he sat with us at lunch and unfortunately like a lot of people wanted to sit with me today so there was like 11 people.i sat right next to him.i told stephanie earlier that day that i liked him and she didnt tell him...however yesterday i told another friend of mine that i kinda liked this guy..she comes up and talks to me for like 2 mins and then is like loudly whispering.. i kno weird...asking me if this is the one i talked to her about....he's right there so i say no..and then she loudly says...not whispers...u didnt tell me about this one in a voice making it sooo obvious that i like him...and to my friend and i hear him he's like dont make it obvious....stephanies like....breanna....he knows and im like what and act like im confused even tho i kno exactly what she's talkin about. Then, the next day he tells another friend of mine that he sort of likes me but he has a girlfriend, all that worrying about him knowing i like him and he already had a girlfriend...please help me out. Rolling Eyes

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