How to be a 'Dream girlfriend'?
Date: Sunday, 13 February 2005 (21:03:43) UTC
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My boyfriend and I have had our ups and downs. Recently he confessed how he feels and how he said that he wishes I was like the way I used to be in the beginning. The thing was that before I was completely devoted in love. He was my everything... the problem was that he didn't appreciate it and he (for some weird reason) said we needed a break. So I figured that maybe me acting like that didn't really help; so i stopped. We took a one day break and now I've still been attached, but not like before. Last Thursday he said how he wants me to be the thing that occupies him the most and how he was stupid for ever wanting a break ( the break really confused me and hurt me a lot) I told him this. That i gave my everything and I was hurt. He told me that he doesn't understand why he didn't appreciate me back then, but now for sure he will. I said I'll take a chance and he replied it's not even a chance it's for sure. He told me to look in his eyes and see if he it seemed as if he was not being serious and i could tell he was being dead serious. he said that i might not believe it so that he'll have to prove it as time goes by. He said he was emotionally attached, the thing is that he's an off and on person... i really want to go back the way I used to be, but i kinda forgot... I remember briefly, but I'm really scared of putting my all in again and being hurt again... AND i wonder what he means by ' the way i used to be '... was it me being open; romantic; treated him like my everything?... I'm really confused, help please

Playa responds:

To be blunt, break up with this guy. You're not in love with him and he's probably not in love with you. The guy is confused about things so don't let him get you confused. Relationships never stay the same. The "new love buzz" wears off and it's all but impossible to get back. You need to find someone who is more mature who understands this.

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