Two Can Play that game
Date: Friday, 16 September 2005 (22:28:14) UTC
Topic: Stealing Central

Okay so this is funny. This guy he will remain nameless. He has a gf, and i've been putting moves on him. Everything's been going well, and he seems attached to me. He's giving signs that he's interested. He'll flirt, call me, and even *the other he kissed me! and he has a gf... Well, now he's basically becoming one of the "playas" type. He's like playing around, and hes playing a game. I know it, the thing is. This is fun and I dont care. I just want some advice on to how to be ON TOP of the game?

Hey girl, you've got your heart in exactly the right place. You wanna be on top? Flirt with him and then play hard to get. Flirt with other guys in front of his face. You'll drive him crazy!!

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