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  Get him begging for more
Stealing CentralAnonymous writes: How do I get my boyfriend to be completely 'sprung' by me. That all he'll think about is me and that he'll feel I'm the one. That he'll be completely happy and that he'll brag about me to his friends and everyone? Very Happy

Playa responds:

1. Be nice, playful, supportive and don't give him shit.
2. Give him great blowjobs.
3. Give him surprises and leave him wanting more.
Posted on Sunday, 13 February 2005 (20:35:06) UTC by bfs

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im so confused (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Thursday, 02 June 2005 (10:57:24) UTC
me and my boyfriend are in love but i ve been going through some problems and i seriously cant be having a boyfriend right now. but how do i let him down easy? if there is an easy way. But i love him and that's why i cant set my mind straight. help.

Re: Get him begging for more (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Tuesday, 28 June 2005 (16:41:48) UTC
i met this guy he was super nice and we just clicked.. then his x girlfriend came back in the picture they had just broken up from a relationship that had lasted over a year.. now they are back together.. What should i do? i want him back? But hes dating his x again because he said he was still in love with her..

Re: Get him begging for more (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Sunday, 02 October 2005 (14:29:57) UTC
I am a guy. I can give you some good advice.

1. Be yourself- you cannot be some else, and if you fake it it will make you seem a bit odd and you won't be able to keep that fake going.
2. But if you know there are some aspects of yourself that are a bit annoying then try to tone them down. Eliminating them would be good but we are all human so if you can reduce them a bit that would be cool.
3. Make some decisions. Guys do not like always having to decide where to go and what to do etc. One night you suggest. Yes, the guy wants to pay for the first 3 or 4 dates but then you can offer sometimes after that, especially if you make more money than he does.
4. Be straight forward. Guys do not understand subtlety very well. If you want something than say it and if you don't then say it. If you play mind games a guy will think you are weak or they will often misinterpret whatever mind game you are trying to project.
5. Let the guy try- the only thing worse than a girl who does not have enough faith in a guy to let him try, is the kind that puts him down if he tries and fails. If he is determined to make that snowboard jump then be supportive. If he succeeds give praise but do not overdo it otherwise it seems like you are surprised he was able. And if he fails do not pander to him, guys need a some amount of attention but then want to think they can solve their own problems/ heal their own wounds, and it is only by doing so that they are able to get stronger.
6. Give it a go yourself- thats what being with someone is about, trying new things. If he is into snowboarding and you hate the cold then get a thick jacket, suck it up and ride for a day.
7. If you are with a guy do not talk about another guy and sex within the same conversation. Do not mention anything about your ex and sex. Guys do not mind that you had an ex, and can handle that you had sex with him. But they do not like if you still associate sex and that ex, or any other guy.
8. Do not say anyting bad about his Mom or sister(s).
9. This is true- wait until you are fully ready for sex. Any guy worth having will respect you waiting. I think that you should wait until marriage but I have blown that opportunity. But nonetheless, if you wait until you really want to have a meaningful physical interaction than you should wait for any relationship to develop before having sex.
10. Oral sex is disgusting. But again I have also broken that vow- but not anymore I am not giving or receiving. The few girls that I refused oral sex from were generally impressed, and the few girls that I have not tried to give oral sex to I think have been impressed. Think about it, genitals are meant to make contact with each other and thats it. And while were are on the subject, avoid dogy style early on. It is impersonal and the few girls who have flipped over without warning have turned me off. If I am having sex it is with her, if she has her back to me I could be having sex with the wall.
Good luck Wink

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Get him begging for more

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